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Thermal imaging

cameras have been used in large scale industrial plants for years but its only recently building consultants have have realised the benefits thermography for residential dwellings. All houses are subject to heat loss, some more than others depending on how and when they were built.

These image cameras are amazing on what they can detect, heat loss and moisture intrusion within seconds, take readings with ease as well as pictures of problem areas, which are easy to understand.

A thermal imaging camera can measure the smallest area to an entire building envelope, This data is converted into a visual picture that colorizes heat, making it  very easy to read identify thermal issues within the building.

Thermal imaging is the most accurate way to detect energy loss, moisture and electrical problems in a dwelling

    • Stop Guessing- Start seeing problems
    • Measure thermal performance
    • Quickly locate missing insulation
    • Spot Electrical issues
    • Shower leaks
    • Air leaks
    • Water migration
    • Rising damp
    • Moisture inside cavities
    • Healthier House


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Building thermal imaging Hobart

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