Helen Han review

Chris is a great inspector who worked with fast turn around and completely honest. The report he wrote was very detailed and informative. Thank you, Chris and will refer you to other friends.

Six reason to get a building inspection

 1. Structural problemsYou need to know that you are buying, a structurally sound property with no safety concerns. Structural problems in a building can cost a lot of money to rectify, and could injure or kill someone. All Australian homes must meet the requirements set down by the Building Codes and Standards of Australia. If […]

why you should get a building inspection Hobart Tasmania

Building Inspector Hobart Tasmania www.hobartbuildinginspection.com.au There are so many houses around Hobart where the owner has undermined the structural integrity of their property by digging out under the floor the get extra room. I looked at a place yesterday and the pier foundations were totally uncovered with no ground support around them just floating on […]

Building a Deck

Building inspector HobartI’ve seen too many decks that don’t meet the code, if you are going to build a deck, build it to spec.  Remember, only H4 treated timber pine can go in the ground  most treated timber pine at the local hardware is H3H3 posts need to be mounted in  galvanized stirrups  embedded in […]

buying a new house

Building inspector Hobart With a real estate boom happening at the moment, I’ve noticed an increase in dodgy cover-ups to catch the unsuspecting buyer out, patched up cracks, no gaped and painted well is a pretty common one, hard to spot if it’s done well or you don’t know what to look for, so be […]

Thermal imaging Hobart Tasmania

Building Inspections HobartAll houses are subject to heat loss, some more than others depending on how and when they were built. Thermal imaging is the most accurate way to detect energy loss, moisture and electrical problems in a dwelling Thermal imaging cameras are amazing on how quick they detect problems, the readings and pictures are […]