First Home buyer Tasmania

Buying a house in Tasmania, 5 things that could save you a lot of stress.


    1. Make sure the inspection clause is in the contract with at least 10 working days to act upon. 
    2. Get a building inspection from a fully licensed and insured building inspector. Google him and check reviews.
    3. Keep the defect limit a low as possible, up until May 2017 it was 1%  but now it can be as low as 1% or greater or a price ( eg. 1% of $50000 =$5000).  Keep it under $10000 if possible .
    4. Add the 3 day cooling off period to the contract and try to coordinate a building inspection within that time frame. 
    5. Organise an insurance cover note on the day you sign the contract until settlement then take out house and  contents on the day of settlement.

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Helen Han review

Pre- purchase Building inspection Hobart

Chris is a great inspector who worked with fast turn around and completely honest. The report he wrote was very detailed and informative. Thank you, Chris and will refer you to other friends.

Six reason to get a building inspection

Pre purchase building inspection

1. Structural problems

You need to know that you are buying, a structurally sound property with no safety concerns.
Structural problems in a building can cost a lot of money to rectify, and could injure or kill someone.
All Australian homes must meet the requirements set down by the Building Codes and Standards of Australia. If you buy a house that doesn't meet these standards and you don’t do anything about it, you could be liable if someone gets hurt. You will be responsible for the cost of bringing the building up to the BCA code plus when you sell, the next building inspector will find the same issues and you may have trouble selling.
Getting a pre-purchase building inspection you can assist in avoiding these stresses.

2. Cost to fix problems.

You may feel it is worth buying the property even though it needs a bit of work because it is cheap, and property market is booming. However, buying a house without getting a building inspection can cost thousands of dollars because of hidden problems. By having a building inspection, you will find out what you are buying and what needs to be repaired or replaced. It will give you the chance to get the relevant trades people to provide you with a price prior to purchase so you are aware of the costs involved.

3. Smoke alarms and electrical wiring.

Smoke alarms save lives, a building inspection will tell you how many smoke alarms the building has, and whether the meter board and electrical wiring is up to the current standard, If it has a Residual Current Device fitted. You can’t put a price on a human .

4. Identifying unsafe or problem areas in a home

When you buy a house for your family or as an investment you will want to know that it is safe to live in
A good building inspector will uncover things like cracks, asbestos, sub floor issues, unsafe wiring, poor drainage, unsafe decks, broken pipes amongst other issues. All of which cost money to fix, but also allowing you to choose if you want to buy, knowing that those issues need to be fixed.

5. Evaluating other structures

When you buy a property, there is more than just the house to look at, the sheds, patios, fences, retaining walls etc. all need to be checked.  Often there can be illegally built structures that have no council approval or built to Building Code of Australia standards and can lead to the council enforcing removal of the structure, which can cost a lot of money

Saying no to a pre purchase building inspection may seem like you can save a few hundred dollars, but do you really know what to look for to ensure the building is safe and that it meets all the council and Building Code of Practice.  Regulations are paramount.

A pre-purchase building Inspection could stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life, for a few hundred dollars it is peace of mind.

6. In Tasmania it is buyer beware

There is no contract cooling off period, unlike in other states, if you find a problem without a building inspection clause in the contract, you are locked in with no way out.

Why you should get a building inspection Hobart Tasmania

home building inspection

Building Inspector Hobart Tasmania There are so many houses around Hobart where the owner has undermined the structural integrity of their property by digging out under the floor the get extra room. I looked at a place yesterday and the pier foundations were totally uncovered with no ground support around them just floating on top of the ground as a result the house had developed major cracking in brick work and some of the rooms were like walking on a trampoline. If you're going to dig out for extra room, seek out a good engineer first before you do anything.

Building a Deck

Building inspections

Building inspector Hobart

I've seen too many decks that don't meet the code, if you are going to build a deck, build it to spec.  Remember, only H4 treated timber pine can go in the ground  most treated timber pine at the local hardware is H3H3 posts need to be mounted in  galvanized stirrups  embedded in concrete  and at least 3 bags  of of instant concrete per post,nail decking groove side down and hardup, Treated timber pine screws will rust close to the beach, use Stainless

buying a new house

Building inspector Hobart

With a real estate boom happening at the moment, I’ve noticed an increase in dodgy cover ups to catch the unsuspecting buyer out, patched up cracks, no gaped and painted well is a pretty common one, hard to spot if it’s done well or you don’t know what to look for, so be careful have a good look around 3 or 4 times and at different times or call 0417589089

Thermal imaging Hobart Tasmania

Building Inspections Hobart

All houses are subject to heat loss, some more than others depending on how and when they were built. Thermal imaging is the most accurate way to detect energy loss, moisture and electrical problems in a dwelling
Thermal imaging cameras are amazing on how quick they detect problems, the readings and pictures are very easy to read
A thermal imaging camera can read the smallest area to an entire building envelope, This data is converted into a visual pictures that colorizes heat, making it very easy to read identify thermal issues within the building.